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Our Family Business Timeline


Our now president, Steven Leles, immigrates to the United States from Greece searching for opportunity. Speaking only a few words of English Steven worked multiple jobs to provide for his family.


Steven entered the vending and coffee truck business. It is here where his love and vision for the future of this beverage was born.


In the garage of his home in the free time he had, Steven Leles began experimenting with different coffees and different blends, paying close attention to detail to each particular coffee. It is here where Arabica Coffee Company was born. With an emphasis on quality and consistency, Steve began to make a name for himself in the foodservice industry. Working as a one-man operation, he would make deliveries, fix coffee equipment, and meet with potential customers.


Arabica Coffee moves into its new facility in Wyckoff, New Jersey. This facility was used to blend and package coffees for delivery. With a small team in place and a focus on quality products and timely service. Arabica Coffee Company quickly began expanding its customer base in the New Jersey area.


Arabica Coffee moves to its new home in Garfield, New Jersey. Now offering a full line of coffee, flavored coffees, cappuccino products, and tea.


Mr. Takis Hasalevris joins the Arabica Coffee team. With him he brings 25 years experience in the coffee trade and a specialty in servicing the demanding diner industry, Mr. Hasalevris introduces new ideas and Arabica Coffee's Signature blends to diner's all over the tri-state area.


Arabica Coffee Company continues its dedication to providing its customers with the best tasting coffee revamping its entire production process. Arabica Coffee Company purchases a new state of the art coffee roaster capable of roasting over 500lbs per hour. Arabica Coffee directs its focus to importing and roasting the finest green coffees in house.


In order to meet our growing packaging and wholesale customer needs, a new 4000lb per hour coffee grinder is set up inline of our automated packaging system capable of packaging 150 packages per minute.


Arabica coffee company services over 500 businesses in the greater New York, New Jersey and Connecticut metro area. Our list of clients composed of Bagel Shops, Diners, Delis, Fine dining establishments, catering halls continues to grow. As the coffee industry is continuously evolving and growing Arabica Coffee Company has grown and evolved with it. However, our principles remain the same as they did in the garage where we began; a consistent and quality product with fast and friendly service.


We Moved to a new 20,000 Square Foot Facility and Installed a New 120 Kilo State of the art Joper Coffee Roaster Capable of Roasting 300LBs of coffee every 20 Minutes.


The installation of a new 15 Kilo Roaster makes it possible for us to roast specialty coffees in small batches to ensure freshness.


We launch our specialty coffee line Coalition Roasters


Currently, our company boasts a workforce of more than 100 individuals, catering to the needs of over 1,000 businesses. Recently, we joined forces with Vassilaros & Sons New York Coffee Company, expanding our reach and offerings. Our commitment to innovation is evident through the enhancements made to our facility, including the integration of a state-of-the-art whole bean packing machine. This addition enables us to efficiently bag, seal, and box whole bean coffee at an unprecedented pace, facilitating smoother operations and improved service delivery.

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